POWER UP™ Slim LCD Charging Station

Pack a lot of power into a small space. A Slim “Storytelling” Experience.

Sleek design and flexibility define the POWER UP™ Slim LCD Charging Station.

The POWER UP™ Slim LCD Charging Station offers a high definition LED display to help you tell your unique brand story. Powerful yet accommodating, this kiosk can be wall-mounted or on an optional stand.

The Slim LCD Charging Station will simultaneously charge up to 10 devices. Phones and tablets securely rest in a V shaped tray. The charging cables illuminate with a red LED while charging a device and a green LED when fully charged or disconnected.

Serviceability is simple as the charging kiosk hinges open like a book for full easy access to all of its components. The kiosk is secured by 2 integrated locks to prevent tampering. The integrated media player will play HD resolution video and images in the mp4 and jpg format.

POWER UP™ Slim LCD Charing Station Model Specs:

Height: 44″  |  Width: 21″  |  Depth: 4″  |  Weight: 40 lbs  | Stand is optional

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