POWER UP™ LCD Charging Station

Tell your compelling story and keep people connected. A “Storyteller” Experience.

Quality design and a compelling display define the POWER UP™ LCD Charging Station.

Sturdy and attractive, the POWER UP™ LCD Charging Station makes a strong statement. With deep experience in marketing, branding, and visual display, the team at POWER UP™ helps businesses showcase their very best all while providing guests with an essential service.

The 32-inch HD LED screen means vast possibilities for marketing and advertising that will truly engage customers while keeping them connected in all the moments that matter.

POWER UP™ LCD Charging Station Model Specs

Height: 73″  | Width: 30″ | Depth: 6″ | Base Depth: 30″  |  Weight: 170 lbs  |  HD LED screen: 32″  |  Charges 10 devices simultaneously

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