POWER UP™ High Top Charging Table

Bringing people together and staying connected. A “Cocktail Party” Experience.

Quality craftsmanship and innovative design – that’s what defines our POWER UP™ High Top Charging Tables.

At just shy of four feet tall, and almost three feet around, the POWER UP™ High Top Charging Table allows your customers and guests to charge their mobile devices, smartphones, tablets, and laptops comfortably and conveniently.

The table has a tempered glass top, three standard electric outlets for laptops, six USB ports, and nine light-up charging cables. Illuminated with a red LED while charging a device and a green LED when fully charged or disconnected, the POWER UP™ High Top Charging Table is as beautiful as it is effective.

Popular for universities, waiting rooms, lobbies, bars, stadiums, malls, arenas, and VIP festival locations, our High Top Charging Tables are made for those who need the combination of style and power.

Additional Features:

  • Optional internal battery is also available allowing you to place a table anywhere with no extension cords.
  • Dimensions 44″ high x 33″ diameter | Weight 75 lbs | 9 charging cables | 6 USB ports | 3 110v Outlets

Units ship in a crate with wheels.

  • Single Crate Dimensions: 38″ x 38″ x 52″ @ 250 lbs
  • Double Crate Dimensions: 77″ x 41″ x 54″ @ 475 lbs


POWER UP™ High Top Charging Tables in our Customers Words:

“We cannot wait to roll out 50 new high-top tables and have the charging tent for our infield ticket holders this year. The tables were such a hit in at last year’s Preakness that we knew had to rent more so that more guests could keep their devices fully-charged throughout the day.” ~ Joe Blaylock, Director of IT, The Maryland Jockey Club, May 18, 2017

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  • Table can be branded in 3 areas.
  • On orders of 10+ custom colors and customization is available.
  • Inductive charging in center of table top is optional.
  • Screen or tablet in center of table is optional.